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Tyrannosaurus Rex essays

Tyrannosaurus Rex papers When I made it up the storm cellar steps of the Milwaukee Public Museum and into the lobby, recollections started to flood my psyche of natural showcases I viewed as a little child. I had overlooked the size of the historical centers larger than usual rooms and mammoth passages that cover such a significant number of vivid showcases. Scenes of American Indian life going before the city of Milwaukee, butterflies from each shade of the range and uncommon relics as old as King Tut himself. I promptly started visiting show after dynamic showcase searching for the things I make sure to expound on for my depiction paper. After around ten shows on American Indians it hits me and I recall, Tyrannosaurus Rex and the dinosaurs. I rerouted my visit and headed out straightforwardly to the pre-memorable reptile show. In the wake of bouncing and weaving through what appeared fifty newborn child carriages and one hundred wandering off in fantasy land youngsters I arrived at my goal. A skeleton of a 41 multi year old Stegosaurus was at the passage to introduce guests to this Jurassic wilderness. The state of mind was built up by strolling on a stone way within a cloudy cavern with stalactites coming to down to contact the highest point of my head. To each side of the path were little introductions on diamonds and fossils yet nothing as alluring or inconceivable as the presentation I was searching for. Stone after stone, rock after stone I started to think it was difficult to get to what was the peak of the entire dinosaur show. At that point I heard it. Delicately from the start, yet with my pace starting to revive, the clamor turned out to be increasingly more enhanced. It was the compelling penetrating thunder of the genuine lord of the wilderness, T-Rex. When my ears had the option to beat the prevailing blast of his highness, undermining hints of moving thunder and smashing lightning happen to from the roof above. A symphony formed by crickets play inconsistently out of sight. A light downpour patter falling on everything in its way makes the cadence. In the ... <!

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Are Homosexuals the only sexual abusers of boys Essay

I don't concur with the possibility that lone gay people explicitly misuse young men. This is a legend that has been ingrained in individuals henceforth individuals grow up with the idea that male kids must be mishandled by gay people. Sexual maltreatment in young men has gotten normal in spite of the fact that as a rule it is unreported, under-treated or under-perceived. There is little information concerning sexual maltreatment in young men which can be credited to the couple of studies which are conveyed around there. In spite of the fact that it isn't sure about the specific number of young men who are in danger of being explicitly manhandled, it is evaluated that one in each 6 young men is probably going to be a casualty of sexual maltreatment by the age of 16 years (Gartner, 2005). As per explore, most male sexual abusers are probably going to be guys who are near the person in question however are not identified with the person in question. These culprits for the most part divert out the maltreatment from their victim’s homes, do it more than once and frequently include an entrance. In any case, in some cases, the culprits can be female. It is said that there are higher odds of young men being mishandled by female culprits when contrasted with young ladies. At the point when female culprits are included, they will in general convince them instead of utilizing power rather than the male culprits who regularly use power. Hence, one can't preclude the chance of female culprits mishandling male youngsters on the grounds that these cases do exist (Michele, 1993). As indicated by Spiegel (2003), individuals will in general look downward on gay as the main male sexual abusers in view of the manner in which they are raised by the general public. Most social orders accept that all gay people must have intercourse with young men and for the most part little young men. Accordingly, kids are made to fear gay people since they are viewed as kid sexual abusers. Thinking about this socially molded circumstance, it is hard to change the assessment of the individuals about sexual maltreatment in male youngsters. Consequently, it is significant for the general public to begin taking a gander at the issue from various perspectives, for example, female can likewise explicitly manhandle little youngsters. Greater part of these casualties don't go to the spotlight. In many cases, young men are explicitly manhandled by ladies in child rearing jobs like moms, aunties and grandmas. This sort of misuse for the most part goes unreported due to the bond and sovereignty that exist between them. Such maltreatment can likewise happen when a child is given the job of spouse. The child is generally caused to feel adjusted to the mother and becomes defensive with the end goal that he continually needs to think about and satisfy his mom. The mother may place the kid in a defensive position which in the long run leaves the youngster feeling incapable and deficient. On account of the security from the father’s misuse, the maltreatment from the mother may appear to be less compromising contrasted with the father’s. Notwithstanding that, this sort of misuse at last has critical mental impacts to the youngster (Dorais and Meyer, 2002). As indicated by an examination that was done by Dr. William C. Holmes about sexual maltreatment in little young men, it delighted that in spite of the fact that dominant part of male sexual abusers are male, right around 90 %, there is likewise countless female abusers with juvenile sitters representing practically a large portion of the number of inhabitants in female culprits. It is in this way significant for appropriate measures to be set up to guarantee that young men are shielded from sexual maltreatment from both male and female culprits since they are both associated with the maltreatment.

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Depression Symptoms, Reasons, Self-Test, Therapy

Depression Symptoms, Reasons, Self-Test, Therapy Depression is a condition which starts by causing mood disorders and changes in your thinking, feeling and your generally functioning. It then proceeds to cause feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and even worthlessness.This is the point at which you are diagnosed with depression as you lose touch with much of life. You start imagining an impending doom even though there are no threats.Typically, everyone feels depressed at one point in time but they may not necessarily be diagnosed with depression. If it’s really bad, they may suffer from anxiety. If the anxiety is however left unchecked, it can lead to depression. Though closely related, anxiety and depression have some differences.The 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) indicates that in 2015, 16.2 million American adults had experienced at least one major depressive episode. Women were also at higher risk (8.5%) of experiencing an episode as compared to men (4.8%).According to WHO, more than 300 million peopl e globally suffer from depression. It is also the leading cause of disability worldwide.In some cases, depression can be an extreme result of untreated and worsening stress. In such a case, the stress will lead to anxiety and eventually depression. Still, some people experience depression without going through stress or anxiety.SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSIONAs with any other condition, depression has symptoms by which it can be detected.Some of these symptoms are the same as those of anxiety due to the close relation between the two conditions.These symptoms are:Feelings of helplessness and hopelessnessThis is very characteristic of depression as it signifies that you have come to the end of yourself. You either feel like giving up or you simply give up.You look at the situations you are in and can only see them from a negative perspective. You are convinced that things are so wrong that they cannot change. More than that, you believe that there is nothing you can do to make things better.Y ou then give up and start having suicidal thoughts. These may escalate to actual attempts to commit suicide.If you have had suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide, you need to know that the situation you are in is not beyond improvement. Things can definitely get better. To stop experiencing these thoughts, get help by calling 1-800-273-8255 or seek help from here.Loss of interest in daily activitiesOne of the visibly evident symptoms of depression is the loss of interest in the activities which previously brought you joy. This is referred to as anhedonia.Every human being has certain likes and desires to enjoy time with friends and family as part of bonding. For you however, this is not the case.From the hobbies you had to any activity you may be invited to participate in, nothing stirs up your interest. At the same time, you no longer care about any pastimes like swimming, reading or even watching TV.Related to the loss of interest is the reduced ability to feel pleasure. If you engaged in an activity you previously enjoyed, you may still be unable to derive any pleasure from it. This includes partying, listening to music and even having sex.To manage this, it is important that you continue with your regular activities. You can reduce the number of activities but don’t stop them altogether. Also, stay open to support from friends, family and online communities.Changes in appetite and weightDepression also affects your appetite levels. This can go either way. You may experience increased appetite and go on a binge while eating foods which are unhealthy. On the other hand, your appetite levels may decrease and you start skipping meals.As a result, you will end up with either an increase or decrease in weight. Since you will be feeling an inability to control this, more feelings of helplessness may develop. Your overall health will also be negatively impacted.For example, an increase in food intake can lead to bigger health problems. One of the things yo u may be doing at this point is emotional eating. This can happen almost naturally, as you reach for some food to make yourself feel better.Since you will most likely not be cooking, you will just reach for some junk food. But did you know that eating junk food can lead to depression? When having depression and eating junk food, not only are you destroying your health but also feeding your depression.Self-loathingThis is a big telltale sign of depression, especially at an advanced stage. You begin hating yourself for something that you may have done which you feel was wrong. Although normal responses to wrongdoing are acknowledging the wrong, apologizing then moving on, this doesn’t work for you.Instead of following through this process to the end where there is self-forgiveness, you only go as far as acknowledging the wrong you did. Your view of the wrong is magnified and although you may not know it, you blow it out of proportion.You end up only seeing how wrong you are and how big the wrong is. Being a normal person, you will obviously make other mistakes. And since you never moved on past the previous one, you will end up labeling yourself a failure.You feel immense guilt and start telling yourself that you make more mistakes than everyone else. You harshly criticize yourself and ignore any forgiveness you have received from the people you wronged. You do not believe that they forgave you because you think that your mistake was too big to be forgiven.This leads you to think that you are not as good as others. You focus on the good and success of others while only seeing your failures. Eventually, you end up with feelings of worthlessness.If you have gotten to this point, a good way of dealing with those feelings is to say to yourself that you are worth it. You are important.You have something to offer to the world. Whether it makes sense or not, tell yourself, repeatedly, that you are important and try your best to believe it.“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill.Here is a video to help you fight off those feelings of worthlessness. Speaking creates your reality. If you consistently tell yourself that you are important, you will gradually develop the strength to act accordingly. And this will help you lessen the bad situation.Feelings of worthlessness make you isolate yourself and think that you are of no value. This opens the way for suicidal thoughts to flourish.Changes in sleepWhen experiencing depression, one of the common symptoms you will have is changes in your sleep patterns. Whereas normally you would have stayed awake during the day then sleep at night, this routine changes. Or the sleep duration changes.Depression can cause various changes in your sleep. It may be that you will completely lack sleep or sleep but be unable to do so for long enough for your body to recharge. Though insomnia can also be experienced at lower or even normal levels of stress, it becomes worse wh en depression is the underlying factor.Another sleep problem is oversleeping. This is just as bad as having little or no sleep. It directs your mind to operate in an unusual pattern. Instead of waking up in the morning and going to work or doing your home chores, you oversleep and by the time you wake up, you’re already tired.Still, sleep changes can occur in a different manner. You may go to bed in good time and plan to wake up at a certain time. Nevertheless, you will wake up earlier than you expected. You may lose all your sleep at 3:00 am and be unable to get back to sleep. This is known as early-morning wakefulness.Do not think that as the name suggests, you will be waking up early thus become more productive. You will actually be very unproductive. The first reason is that you never had enough sleep. Secondly, you woke up early as a result of depression, not because you are pursuing the completion of a project.Anger or irritabilityAnger is an emotion that is part of the huma n body. As such, it must be expressed whenever it arises. As normal as getting angry is, it is quite different if you have depression.Depression makes you irritable. You become short-tempered and can easily get angry. At the slightest provocation, you can burst out in anger.This is even in situations where there really is no validity in your over-reaction. To you however, you are not over-reacting but just responding accordingly.At the same time, irritability makes you prone to violence. With every outburst of anger, you move closer to making violence your normal response to situations which do not please you. This deteriorates without much of your knowing. It is only those around you that may notice the worsening.Another sign of irritability during depression is restlessness. You simply lack the ability to be patient, whether with people or when in situations beyond your control. You cannot relax or stay calm either while waiting for something or just to allow yourself some rest.Lo ss of energyAs someone experiencing depression, you will often find that you do not have enough energy to undertake tasks you used to normally do well. If you were taking twenty minutes to complete a task, the same may now be taking you one hour.Your easily become exhausted even without doing a lot of physically-intensive work. You feel physically drained and quickly run out of the energy required to perform important duties.You will also be sluggish in your work. Whether at your place of work or at home, you become unable to carry out tasks with speed. You may know that you have a deadline but still, be unable to bring yourself to work as fast as needed.Engaging in escapist behaviorsHaving recognized your wrongdoings and isolated yourself, you will naturally seek ways of relieving yourself of the thoughts you have. This is because feelings of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts are oppressive in nature.Your body is made to naturally protect you from harm. So when these thoughts ove rwhelm your mind, you will look for an outlet to release them so that you can feel good about yourself.The easiest and quickest route you may take is that of substance abuse. You will likely start by abusing social drugs. Though you may have a temporary relief, you risk addiction and other health problems.Other escapist behaviors include compulsive gambling. You do not just gamble to get rich but gamble just to take your mind away from the thoughts troubling you.Gambling can be attractive because it makes you feel good when you win. Unfortunately, the wins are not always guaranteed and by gambling, you just increase your depression levels. With some casinos operating round the clock, you may lose track of time and spend days gambling without going home.Betting is also a common form of gambling. This gives the impression of convenience with options available for betting through your mobile phone. Betting companies have gone mobile to enable people bet from virtually anywhere.The prob lem with these escapist behaviors is that you do not feel like you have anything to lose. You can easily put in all your life savings on the bet hoping to win big. You either fail to realize or you disregard the fact that betting firms and bookies are businesses. As such, they ensure they make profit.You lack concentrationFor you to be productive and effective in what you’re doing, it is important to concentrate. This is however a problem when suffering from depression. Despite knowing the importance and even making efforts, you are not able to concentrate.This makes you produce mediocre work. As a result, you set yourself up for feelings of failure. If in employment, your colleagues or boss will definitely complain about the quality of your work. If in business, customers will express dissatisfaction with what you do.This creates some pressure on you to perform better. Your stress levels increase but you are still unable to work things out. Comparison against others will be inevi table, especially when the complaints continue.You may be given compulsory leave at work or forced to shut down your business since you are no longer making any profit.Making decisions is also a big challenge for victims of depression. This is closely tied to the inability to focus. You may have a small issue to deal with but are unable to focus on the real problem.If the problem arose some time back, then you may have challenges remembering the details of the situation. This is because memory loss is also one of the problems that accompany depression.Not understanding the situation, you fear making the wrong decision and end up making no decision at all.The below video explains how depression leads to indecisiveness and how you can handle the situation. Unexplained aches and painsDepression does not only affect your mind but also your body. In any case, doesn’t your mind control the whole of your body? A problem in your mind can cause many other problems all over your body.Depres sion leads to sudden and unexplained body aches, the most common being headaches. You may easily dismiss this to be a symptom of stress but soon realize that it’s not going away. The headache may also not be treatable using regular over-the-counter medication.Back pains are also common as well as muscle pains.You may also experience stomach pains. If you are a woman, you may mistake these to be menstrual cramps, especially if it happens around the time of your menstrual period. These pains are however quite consistent and may be on and off.CAUSES OF DEPRESSIONDepression, like any other condition, has its causes. Rarely will it have only one cause. In most cases, it will be a combination of factors that have worked together to give birth to it.At the same time, these causes can be easily addressed if the symptoms discussed above are identified and addressed early. This will stop the initially-small problem from degenerating and getting out of hand.Depression can be caused by:Life e ventsLife has its ups and downs and everyone goes through them. But people respond to the challenges in life differently. Some are able to cope better than others, thus come out of challenging times better or unscathed.Others unfortunately come out wounded while still, others get stuck in those bad times. This can happen especially psychologically when the event is no more but you are still ruminating about it. You are unable to move on from the effects of what happened. This is how many people get into depression.Something may have happened, shaking you at a personal level. For example, the death of a loved one causes grief. If the grief does not end, it may lead to depression. Or you may have escaped death by a whisker. The memory of such an event haunts you and makes you fearful that it may happen again.Bereavement-related depression can make you feel that there is no need to live if the dead person is no longer alive. You may become preoccupied with thoughts of what you had plan ned to achieve together.If it was your only child, you may have invested a lot of emotions into your relationship with him. You held all his dreams and ambitions dearly and he was a part of your life. His death seems to take away a part of you leading to a sense of emptiness and hopelessness.All the same, bereavement-related depression can be managed, especially if recognized early. Counseling services can be sought while family and friends give support.Another life-related cause of depression is the lack of jobs. You may have great academic qualifications, have sought employment in many companies and gone for numerous interviews. While thinking that you passed the interview, you may be told that you didn’t.Or you simply don’t hear from the interviewers.You may conclude that you will not make much out of yourself due to joblessness. You may get discouraged and believe that you cannot own a home or start a family because you don’t have an income.There are things you can do to a lleviate depression as a result of unsuccessful job searches. For example, you can do volunteer work. This helps you sharpen your skills while networking with people. You never know where your job opportunity will come from.Childhood experiencesThe source of depression in some cases can be traced to childhood experiences. Children are very sensitive and can pick up negative aspects of life quite easily. This is because their minds are developing at a fast rate.For example, your parents’ divorce could have affected you. Though you never understood everything about it, you suddenly realized you no longer had both of your parents. In case there was shared custody, having to wait till the weekend to see your other parent may have had devastating effects on you.You may also have gone through neglect or abuse as a child. Any form of abuse always makes it difficult to move on with life unless properly dealt with. If there was abuse in your home, it may have taken a long time to stop. If the abuse stopped but there was no counseling, then you never got healed.Wounds from abuseâ€"physical, psychological or emotionalâ€"take time to heal. When you face anything similar to the abuse, the memories come back and apart from the haunting, fear also comes upon you with the possibility of crippling you beyond any action. You may want to isolate yourself in an effort to keep yourself safe from the perceived danger.Another cause of depression related to your childhood is the failure to keep up with your peers. This may have come in the form of your inability to read as well as your friends or matching up to their skills in sports.You may have been gifted differently thus unable to express yourself in the same ways as your peers. If this was not made known to you as a child, then you may have concluded that you were not good enough. Yet, it is only that you are unique.This opens the way for depression by downgrading your sense of self-worth, thus affecting your self-esteem. As i t may have happened, you most likely tried engaging in popular sports later on but never made an impact. You may even have suffered humiliation and decided never to try any sport.Such experiences can seem to have gone away until triggered later in life by a similar situation. This is a sure trigger for depression.GeneticsDepression is believed to be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Of these two, genes is the cause in up to 40% of the cases with the environment being the culprit in the remaining 60%. More than that, you have up to three times more likelihood of experiencing depression if either your parents or siblings have the condition.This means that almost half of those with depression could have had it as a result of a genetic link.Looking at the symptoms of depression discussed above, you will easily manifest anger and irritability if one or both of your parents are irritable. Some pains and aches like chronic headaches and migraines can be hereditary. This add s more weight to the gene factor as a cause of depression.Physical health problemsYour physical health can also contribute to your chances of developing depression. This is mainly because of the stress involved in managing some health conditions. It may simply be overwhelming for you to keep up with all the dosages and requirements for managing those conditions.This can especially be the case if you rarely get sick. When you suddenly become unwell, you have trouble keeping up with the lifestyle change.It may be a disease that takes a long time to treat or a condition that you have after being involved in an accident. For example, you may have to use a wheelchair after a road crash that left you paralyzed from the waist downwards.Apart from the treatments involved and probably several surgeries, this can have a massive dent on your moods and ability to enjoy life as you once did. You will not be able to participate in many social activities or go out as often as preferred.Your privac y will also be interfered with because you need assistance in changing clothes and even bathing. Such occurrences can have a lasting impact on your mental health and lead to depression.Hypoglycemia can also lead to depression. The low blood sugar levels act as a trigger for depressive episodes. If you are already predisposed to depression e.g. through genetic links, this becomes an even bigger risk factor.Other mental health problemsMental health problems have a direct link to depression. This is largely due to the stress that comes with coping with them.For example, if you have anxiety, you will most likely experience depression. Or episodes of it.The line between anxiety and depression can be very blurred, especially if you are either mildly depressed or experiencing high levels of anxiety. For example, extreme anxiety can make you nervous, causing you to think that you’re about to make a mistake.Seeking to do a perfect job, you become stressed and prone to having a panic attack . You become fearful that you are not in control. If this situation recurs many times and you don’t develop coping skills, you will end up depressed.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also cause depression. 70% of all Americans have experienced a traumatic event in their lives. From these, up to 20% develop PTSD.Examples of traumatic events include being violently attacked, involved in a car crash, kidnapped, raped or sexually abused, witnessed extreme violence or any other situation which causes you to fear for your life.If you have had such experiences, then your likelihood of developing depression is high. A quick way of reducing these chances is by getting away from the environment in which the traumatic event happened.Other disordersThere are other disorders which could lead to depression. Some of them cause depression due to high levels of stress generated. Others however, especially those that are mood disorders, lead to depression as a result of worsening or untreat ed conditions.One such disorder is Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD). This is mainly experienced by children and adolescents and the main characteristic is irritability. This irritability is persistent and outbursts of anger are common. Their tempers flare quickly and their reactions are usually more severe compared to how their peers would react if in the same situation.Another disorder is the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which is a severe extension of the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). The symptoms include extreme sadness, irritability, extreme mood shifts and feelings of hopelessness. These symptoms normally resolve once menstruation starts.PMDD can make you believe that you cannot control yourself or your body. This causes feelings of helplessness. On the other hand, some symptoms like irritability can damage your relationships. This can leave you feeling hopeless and believe that you will never build any friendships or even a family.Cyclothymia (cyclothymic disorder) is a mood disorder characterized by emotional ups and downs. It is classified as a type of bipolar disorder whose mood shifts are less severe than those of Bipolar I and II disorders. The highs (hypomanic symptoms) can include feelings of euphoria and an increased drive to achieve goals.The lows (depressive episodes) include feelings of hopelessness, sudden weight loss or gain, fatigue, restlessness and suicidal thoughts.SELF-TESTIt is easy to determine whether you have depression or not. Having been a subject of much research and study, the symptoms have been used to help people diagnose themselves. This also helps you know what exactly you are dealing with, helping you better explain your condition to your doctor.To confirm whether your symptoms indicate depression, you can take this simple online test. It is short and will quickly give you the results and tell you where you stand on the scale of depression.There is an alternative test here which is a bit more detailed. After taking the test, you will be provided with a snapshot report with a summary evaluation. You can optionally purchase the full results for $ 4.95.THERAPYHave you taken the test and ascertained that you have depression?Fear not. No matter the level of depression you are at, it is not the end of life. Depression is treatable and so it is advisable that you immediately seek professional medical help. You will be able to start a treatment program and get more out of life. Watch the below video for some encouragement. As you talk to your doctor about your condition, he will diagnose you and tell you which treatment is best for your specific case.The different types of therapy can be divided into three categories. These are medical, psychological and alternative therapy. These are discussed below.MedicalDrugs used to treat depression are called antidepressants and many different types are available. You however should discuss with your doctor the possible side effects to ensure using the best option. Common antidepressants include:Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) â€" these are usually the first medication prescribed by doctors as they have fewer major side effects when compared to others.Serotonin-norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs) â€" these have various uses apart from being used for depression. They are also taken for anxiety, obsessive compulsory disorder, menopausal symptoms etc.Tricyclic antidepressants â€" these are powerful and normally very effective in tackling depression. The only downside of using them is that they cause severe side effects. They can only be prescribed after SSRIs have been confirmed to provide no relief.Other medications â€" your doctor may prescribe other medication to help make the antidepressants more effective. Such medication may include mood stabilizers and antipsychotics.PsychotherapyThis involves talking with a mental health professional and is often referred to as “talking therapy”. In most cases, psychotherapy will be recommended as treatment to be taken alongside medication. This is because it helps you remain well after recovery from depression.There are various psychotherapy options from which your psychotherapist will choose the best for you. Some of them are:Cognitive behavior therapy â€" this option is centered on helping you change your outlook of life. Since depression typically makes you think negatively, CBT helps you develop a habit of positive thinking.Interpersonal psychotherapy â€" this treatment is based on the assumption that depression and interpersonal challenges are related. This is because most of the depression cases can be traced to aspects of your social life at work or in relationships. Therefore, once you are able to recognize the connection between your relationships and your vulnerabilities, e.g. weaknesses due to your personality, then you’re better able to cope with life challenges.Positive psychology â€" this will focus on the conditions that lead to an optimal functioning and a happy life. This will mainly be through engaging in activities which help you improve your well-being. One of the biggest things you learn from this is letting go of anger and resentment.Self-help and alternative therapyAt times, you may not be able to seek medical attention immediately. The good news is that it is possible to still start therapy on your own.Some of the therapy options available are exercising, taking foods rich in omega-3, taking St. John’s Wort and other depression-relieving supplements.It is important to note that any kind of medication taken should be done after consultations with your doctor about the side effects. Alternatively, do a thorough research online but note that seeing a doctor remains the best option since he can carry out tests to determine what your body may or may not react to.Ensure you know how the medication you’re taking will interact with your body in case you’re taking other medication. Also note that you should not abruptly stop taking the medication.CONCLUSIONDepression can affect your life negatively if not dealt with. The most comforting thing to know is that it is treatable.Do not be discouraged or allow yourself to go on a downward spiral. Talk to your doctor.Also reach out for support from your family and friends.

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Serial Killers A Good Thing For A Mother Essay - 1767 Words

It is a good thing for a mother to develop a strong relationship with their son or daughter. There is however a line that shouldn’t be crossed where having a very strong relationship with your son/mother is normal and healthy becomes a more bizarre closeness between the two. This can become a very strange, awkward situation for the child not understanding the boundaries. Cases have been reported of a mother and a child’s relationship even becomes sexual in nature, further confusing the child and creating a greater chance of sexual problems in their future. Many serial killers reported a higher than average sex drive Even though abuse is extremely prevalent in one way shape or form, not all individuals who grow up to become serial killers were abused, Jeffery Dahmer for examples, supposedly was never abused and is claimed to have had a pretty â€Å"normal† childhood and upbringing. So although a lot of serial killers have many of the same experiences as chil dren and young adults, it proves that there is no specific exact evidence that says what causes someone to carry out such acts. Differences and Demographics When comparing individuals who become serial killers and their upbringing and trying to understand why and/or how they could do the things they do, you will find a lot of similarities that may help explain their behavior. But complicating things even more in trying to understand these individuals is the fact that they can be so different. Dr. H.H. Holmes isShow MoreRelatedTwo Articles on the Motives and Mind of a Serial Killer1470 Words   |  6 Pages The mind of a serial killer can be very interesting in being able to find out what makes them want to do what they do. Knowing if someone was abused as a child and if this makes them more likely to become a serial killer or not become a serial killer is something I was very curious to learn about. Something that happens in a person’s childhood can affect the way they act when they become adults. I found two sources talking about childhood abuse and serial killers. The first source was an internetRead MoreDo Intelligence Resea rch On Was Psychopaths, Particularly Serial Killers1567 Words   |  7 PagesQuestion 1: The group of people that I chose to do intelligence research on was psychopaths, particularly serial killers. I did not focus on any particular subgroup, however there are subtypes of psychopaths such as primary and secondary and among those two subtypes it is further broken down into distempered and charismatic subtypes. In the article Psychopathy: Manipulation, Deception, and Evil, author Pamela Kulbarsh (2012) defines a psychopath as â€Å"a morally depraved individual who represent theRead MoreThe Mind of Monsters1390 Words   |  6 PagesMorgan is a fictional serial killer from Showtime’s series â€Å"Dexter†, but the writers and actors have portrayed a real life serial killer. Manuel Prado is the real Dexter Morgan. Prado was a Miami cop who started with smaller crime and worked his way up to becoming a serial killer. †Prosecutor David Waksman told the Miami Herald: He was very cold. He was doing robberies and went home and slept like a baby. He was proud of what he did.† (International, 2012) Real life serial killers do not have any empathyRead MoreA Serial Killers Characteristics Begin at Childhood800 Words   |  3 PagesChildhood Characteristic of Serial killers The basic definition of Serial Killers are that it is a group of people who’s work is just to kill, kill and kill innocent people over a longer period of time without being wedged or bunged. They are not like mass murderers, who may kill many people at one time - majority of the time because of circumstantial behavior. Serial Killers are completely a different from traditional or mass murderers they always make a proper plan and they are very specificRead MoreWhat Makes A Person A Serial Killer? Essay1591 Words   |  7 PagesWhat makes a person a Serial Killer?How are serial killers caused? Serial Killers are people who kill at least 3 people in separate events with a very little cooling off period between each kill. The kills are performed in a u nique fashion and the the serial killer has something that they are known for called a signature.Serial Killers are frightening psychopaths because they don t show human emotions-empathy, conscience, or remorse.What makes a serial killer different then regular peopleRead MoreInformative Serial Killers Essay812 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech Serial Killers Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience about serial killers, the type of person that commits these horrendous crimes. Introduction 1. Attention-getting remarks: What would you do as a young, cute college girl at the grocery store saw a clean cut nice looking man with a cast on his arm struggling with his groceries, he ask you for your help. Would you help him? Ted Bundy one of the most infamous serial killers of our time would put a fake castRead MoreA Look Into Serial Killers979 Words   |  4 Pages John George Haigh: A look into Serial Killers Many people walk through the paths of life hiding secrets from one another. Sometimes these secrets can be small and insignificant to other people. Sometimes people carry around with them much more serious, deep, dark, and often dangerous or disturbing great example of someone who may be carrying around secrets that everyone could agree on are dangerous and disturbing. A serial killer is generally described as a person who has killed more than threeRead MoreCase Analysis : Criminal Offender Profiling 1207 Words   |  5 Pagesvery close† (L.Meirhofer-Greeney, personal communication, October 10, 2014) Wayne Meirhofer, David’s uncle, says, â€Å"David was a smart kid. He got good grades, and always seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders. He went into the military, and it seemed to us that he was traveling in the right direction in life. It floored us to hear of the things he had done† (W.Meirhofer, personal communication, October18, 2014) My father and Meirhofer’s uncle, Lou Carlassara, said, â€Å"I was very young whenRead MoreEdmond Kemper: Nurture or Nature1016 Words   |  5 PagesSometimes considered disgusting, cruel, terrible, or unforgivable, serial killers could arguably have a reason for their madness. Beaten as a child, raped, or even for left to die could spark what could soon become disastrous. Some serial killers do it for the fun of it, but for the most part they do it because of a poor childhood and upbringing. This is what some believe to be the reasons for the killings done by The Coed Killer, Edmond Kemper. After his conviction of killing ten people, prosecutorsRead MoreHannibal Lecter Essay1336 Words   |  6 Pagespsychopath serial killer who uses charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control his victims and others to satisfy his own selfish needs. Because he lacks a conscience and feelings for others, he cold-bloodily takes what he wants and does what he pleases, violating social norm s and expectations without the slightest sin of remorse, guilt, or regret. Also Dr. Lecter suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which explains some of his other actions as psychopath serial killer. One

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Discipline and Improve Students Behaviour in Classroom...

The problem of how best to discipline and improve students’ behaviour in classroom is of permanent interest. This review is oriented to searching different methodologies concerning students’ behaviour in classrooms, teachers’ discipline strategies and behavioural management. Different points of view and different examples for appropriate behaviour have been discussed referring to the topic. The sources reviewed present different solutions. This paper examines also the classroom environment and its relation to successful behaviour implementation. The first paragraphs give different definitions conversant with behaviour and discipline according to the authors’ view. The continuation of the literature review is presented by different†¦show more content†¦They claim that confidence is one of the most important characteristic that influence teachers’ effectiveness in classroom management. Giallo and Little (2003, 22) based on the previous statem ent of Evans Tribble accept that less confident teachers seem more vulnerable to stressful classrooms. They maintain the theory that the classroom stress is a reason for giving up a teacher’s career. In school the stress can be overcome through involving of drastic measures concerning managing a good discipline. One of the most popular strategy for solving behaviour problems is punishment. By reason of the popularity of the subject in the field of education, many experts have written articles and books as well as given lectures on discipline and punishment. Anne Catey based on Dreikur’s words considers that there is no need of using punishment in class. Based on Catey’s words kids need to have a chance they can share their ideas in the class (1). This is the best way to â€Å"smooth, productive functioning in schools† (Charles, C.M, 1999). Anne Catey from Cumberland High School gets an interview from several teachers in Illinois district about their discipline practices. She accepts the suggestion given by Lawrence as mentioning that, â€Å"very effective technique is a brief conference, either in the hallway or after class, with the misbehaving student† (Punishment, 1). Anne Catey has her own techniques for classroom management. She disagreesShow MoreRelatedBeha viour Management Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesThis essay will compare and contrast two theories of behaviour management by Carl Rogers and BF Skinner and argue ways in which one of these theories could be implemented for a particular context and practice. Roger’s theory is based on a humanistic approach, while Skinner’s theory takes a behaviourist approach; each theory has both benefits and shortcomings. Their views form opposite ends of the learning spectrum. These theories will be examined as their respective works address the underlying issueRead MoreAdhd, A Common Neurobehavioral Condition1474 Words   |  6 Pagescommonly abbreviated to ADHD is a common neurobehavioral condition that affects 5 to 8 percent of school aged children. Students with ADHD can be hyperactive or easily distracted most of the time, even when they are trying to concentrate. People who are diagnosed with having ADHD have a hard time organising things, listening to instructions, rememberi ng details, and controlling their behaviour (Donatelle, 2009). Children who are diagnosed with ADHD have been shown to have slight differences in brain functionRead MoreReflection On Learning How To Create Safe And Supportive1059 Words   |  5 PagesSupportive Classroom Natasa Milunovic American College of Education â€Æ' Several different topics were covered in Creating Safe and Supportive Classroom course. There were few topics that stood out for me such as: Positive Behavior Support System (PBSS), classroom management and discipline, and the importance of teaching social-emotional skills. The most important elements of each topic will be discussed in this paper. Classroom discipline and behaviour management in an individual classroom can be greatlyRead MoreMy Professional Practice Setting1451 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessional practice setting, during the previous OFSTED inspection dated 2013 was deemed â€Å"GOOD† for the behaviour and safety of pupils (appendix 1). During Physical Education lessons I interact with single gender groups across the whole school. Through my interactions with pupils I would consider that pupils come from a good social and moral background, with a high percentage of these students being Muslim. Being Muslin and worshiping at Mosque they are required to be respectful and behave in anRead MoreAdvantages Of Evaluation Of Learning Process959 Words   |  4 Pagesnew ways to improve on it. PERSONAL CONTEXT Evaluation is a part of everything we do which means its an integral part of any program. In every program, data is collected in an on-going basis and the data collected is used continuously to improve the program. In an educational program it is used to assess the level of knowledge and understanding of the student in her class during the period of study. SOCIAL CONTEXT Evaluation deals on the natural activities and processes students do both in theRead MoreSkills And Professional Education Requirements1025 Words   |  5 Pagesof my teaching areas, and be expert enough to be able to explain and teach them. As a former student, I recognise that I should training the techniques of teaching in order to advance my skills, however, if I get diverse and a lot of experience, it does not really matter because there are continuously new techniques developments, new ideas and new technologies out there for me to use and pick up to improve my future teaching. To guarantee I can find alternate pedagogies, I have to stay to involveRead MoreManaging Behaviours in the Learning Environment1570 Words   |  7 PagesUnit 9 – Managing behaviours in the learning environment 1. Identify a range of behaviours that you have encountered when delivering learning in different learning situations. Provide an analysis of the impact of those behaviours on others and yourself, with particular reference to the impact of learning. Making reference to relevant reading, review factors which may influence the behaviours that you have identified. I could argue that some Trainees don’t realise or know they are behaving inappropriatelyRead MoreConducive Classroom1580 Words   |  7 PagesBackground of the Study Student achievement has always been considered the ultimate objective in the classroom, and rightly so.   It would make sense then to seek guidance from teachers who have had great success with their students.  Students are unable to learn in a haphazard environment, thus students will not be able to achieve their full potential.  Students simply cannot learn to the best of their ability in a chaotic environment.  Classroom management is an integral part of student achievement even beingRead MoreFeeling Proud to Wear School Uniforms Essay1015 Words   |  5 PagesStudents Should Wear Mandated School Uniforms A uniform is a standard set of clothes that is worn by a group of people. These people may be members of an organization or a group of people having the same ideas. There are thousands of kinds of uniform in the world. Police officers, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, security guards, and even McDonald’s workers wear uniforms when they are on duty. School uniforms are a controversial discussion among schools today. Many schools have already adopted aRead MoreEssay tipe questions1735 Words   |  7 Pages1.1) The factors making education provision in post-modern societies an extremely and complex specialised task. In post-modern societies multi-culture has an impact, because there are various languages that are spoken. That isn’t the only factors it is various religions and different ethnic groups, with their own culture heritage contribution. Learners are unique in various phases of their development with changing needs. They are also different according to aptitudes and interest. Besides all that

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto Free Essays

Karl Marx In Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, he discusses his belief that with all of the Industrial Revolutions, and the stray away from traditional social order and agriculture, that the governments that supporting these revolutions is surely setting themselves up for, economic, social, and political failure. He makes his point very clear that the new machines and technological advancements during this time will negatively affect the working class. As the skilled laborers quit their trades and move to Inner cities to get Jobs in factories, there will surely be no one to teach or learn hat trade therefore that trade becoming extinct. We will write a custom essay sample on Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto or any similar topic only for you Order Now He also shows the bourgeois as the mall reason for these new revolutions, and also how they are headed down a path toward communism. The workers will fall entrapped Into their work, and after some time will feel they cannot leave nor complain of harsh conditions or low wages, due the need to provide for their family. Marx shows that this will short term benefit the bourgeois due to the Increase demand for the goods and the low wages they are having to pay the workers, however long term this will bring them down. The reason he believes they will fall is due to workers only working to supply food and rent, therefore they wont be able to purchase any of the goods being made. He states that the machines doing all of the labor work will, in time, replace workers and the bourgeois will be making products for people that have no money to buy them. Marx states that if there is any hope for society that there must be a change back to the old ways of farming, cattle, and stopping external trade. It is the belief of Marx that if Hess changes aren’t made that we will also because a nation of one people and there will no longer be many different ideas, religions, and politics, which will lead to human extinction. Karl Mar’s Communist Manifesto By clamshells to inner cities to get Jobs in factories, there will surely be no one to teach or learn main reason for these new revolutions, and also how they are headed down a path toward communism. The workers will fall entrapped into their work, and after some bourgeois due to the increase demand for the goods and the low wages they are How to cite Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Papers

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Snake By Lawrence Essays - Snakes, , Term Papers

Snake By Lawrence ?Snake? is one of Lawrence's most famous poems. Although the poem seems to be about an encounter with a snake, the true theme of the poem is the conflict between emotional behavior and learned behavior. This conflict is displayed through setting and symbolism. The poem begins with a very narrative voice and is a pleasure to read for that reason. Lawrence is exuberated in expressing his reverence for nature. In the first three stanzas of the poem the setting is established and the movement of the snake is described. The poem took place in a garden near his house because the boy was in pajamas and under the shade of ?a great dark carob-tree.? The movement of the snake is described by the alliteration of the s sound in the words straight, softly, slack, and silently. Symbolism is used throughout the poem. The garden in which the poem takes place can be a symbol of the Garden of Eden, and the snake, a symbol of the devil. A snake is a symbol of evil, but a snake is also a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom according to ancient civilizations. The snake, however, is the ultimate symbol of tension. The tension in the young boy is caused because he has to make a decision. When he encounters the snake, he is posed with the question to kill the snake or to let it leave unharmed, to act upon his human education or his instinct. While the snake is drinking at the trough, the boy's emotions are in conflict. Even though the boy was scared, he was even more honored that the snake should seek his hospitality. Once the snake started to leave, the boy's time was running out. He had to make a decision. Because of his ?accursed human education,? he decided to act in an evil way and throw a log at the snake. Does this suggest that the snake is not evil, but the soul in man is inherently evil? Or is the snake evil because he was retreating into the evil darkness of hell symbolized by the hole in the fissure? Once the boy threw the log at the snake, he immediately regretted it, revealing ?I thought how paltry, how vulgar, what a mean act?I wish he would come back, my snake.? After the boy threw the log, he recognized the innocence of the snake noting, ?And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords/ Of life.? This illustrates man always trying to rob the dignity from all Godly creatures, and how petty it is. Through this poem, Lawrence has illustrated his point about strife and the clash of opposites. The symbols used in this poem are very ambiguous because they can be interpreted many ways. The snake can be a symbol of evil, enlightenment and wisdom, or tension. The boy battles through many emotions in this poem, finally coming to the realization that men are inherently evil.